The Fashion Industry

Fashion is a way of dressing that shows social status and self-expression. It is influenced by cultural and historical events, as well as the environment. Clothing trends often change quickly. Designers and business people initiate many of these changes. Individuals may also create their own trends. Some fashions are gendered: men’s suits or women’s dresses, for example. Clothing can also be used for identification or tradition: judges wear robes, people in the military wear uniforms, and brides wear white dresses. Fashion is a major industry, employing millions of people worldwide. It is a form of art that is constantly evolving, as is the industry itself.

Some garments are made for particular individuals, such as haute couture (which translates to ready to wear in french) or customized dress for celebrities or models. These clothes are expensive and only available in exclusive boutiques and stores. Other clothes are mass produced for general consumption, including formal wear like gowns or tuxedos. The latter is often called casual fashion or fast fashion. It is less expensive and reflects more general trends.

In some cultures, the fashion industry can be viewed as a subset of the entertainment industry. For example, in some cultures, music or film stars serve as fashion icons and influence the public’s style. A snazzy outfit worn by a popular musician or film star may inspire young people to imitate that look, even if they can’t afford the price tag of high-end designer fashions.

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