Automobiles – A Key Element of Our Modern World

Automobiles are a key element of our modern world. Its influence over the economy is immense and it has revolutionized the lives of humans. It has brought new employment opportunities, it has stimulated outdoor recreation and fueled service industries such as gas stations, hotels, roadside restaurants, etc. It has also prompted urban growth, ended rural isolation and brought services such as schools, health care and shopping centers to small towns.


Having your own automobile allows you to cover large distances with ease. This translates into more work possibilities, and greater freedom for where you want to live in relation to your career. It also gives you more options for where to go to spend time with friends and family.

INNOVATION: The automobile is a complex machine with many moving parts. Its development and progress have been rapid. In the late 1800s Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Benz and Nicolaus Otto developed their gasoline-driven motor cars. In the 1920s, Henry Ford innovated mass production techniques, which allowed his company to dominate the American car industry.

Today, there are more than 1.4 billion cars in operation around the globe. They are powered by various fuel sources such as gasoline, diesel, electric power, natural gas, and ballon gas. They are also equipped with various controls, electrical equipment and service devices. The automobile is the most common form of transport worldwide. It is used for passenger and freight transportation. Each year, about 5 – 59 million vehicles of different types are produced.

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