What Is Technology?


Technology refers to the application of knowledge. It can also refer to the product of that knowledge. It is a major factor in many fields. One example of technology is the Internet. Technology can help improve the way that we live our lives and create new ways to do things. However, there are some risks to using technology.

Whether we are aware of it or not, technology shapes our lives and shapes culture. It combines mathematics, science, and the arts to create new ways of life. It has also spawned new subcultures. One example of a technological subculture is cyberculture, which has its roots in the development of the Internet. The use of technology has also contributed to political oppression and war. In many cases, technology has been around for millennia, but its origins are more ancient.

The word technology comes from two Greek words: techne and logos. Techne means “art”, while logos means “skill”. Technology can also refer to the development of tools. Technology is a way to make life easier and faster for humans. There are a variety of different definitions of technology, including the simplest forms of technology such as the Internet and mobile phones.

Technology has become a huge part of our society. We now have the Internet, which provides real time information about events around the world. It also allows us to keep in touch with others around the world.

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