What Is Technology?

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical aims and can be seen in everyday life. It can help solve problems faced by humans and has given us the means to advance as a civilization. However, it can also have negative effects like pollution and resource depletion.

In the consumer world, when we hear about Technology, it usually refers to gadgets like mobile phones, computers, the internet, HiFi’s, cars, drones and robotic grass cutters. In an enterprise or business context, the definition is more focused on Information Technology (IT) – networks, servers, software and storage.

Technology in Business

There are many ways businesses use technology, including automating processes, enabling remote working, improving customer service and increasing security. However, some employees may resist using new technologies, possibly because they lack training or have a fear of change. It is important for managers to understand these concerns and encourage staff to embrace new technology to make their job easier and improve business performance.

Tech in Education

Students have access to a wide range of learning materials thanks to the internet and other technological advances. For example, they can use laptops and smartphones to research for projects or write papers without needing a teacher’s help. This makes them independent learners and increases their confidence and self-reliance. Likewise, they can access information on global problems from the internet and work with other students in different countries to come up with solutions. This type of collaboration would not be possible without technology.

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