What is News?


News is the information that the media carries about current events, or about anything else of interest to the audience. It is usually delivered or broadcast live, and it is often presented in a way which appeals to the senses. This may include images, colour and music. It may also use humour, picturesqueness and dramatic delivery to attract attention.

The nature of News differs from society to society. What is significant in one society will not necessarily be of interest to another, although it may still be newsworthy. For example, a scientist reporting that an insect has been found living on a plant which it did not previously inhabit might be newsworthy in a scientific journal but would be of no interest to the public at large. However, if the insect in question was a pest which was attacking crops, then it might be a matter of concern for farmers and could therefore be newsworthy.

Controversy: People like controversies, and anything that involves arguments, charges and counter-charges or fights is newsworthy. Prominence: Famous people make good news, and it is particularly interesting if they lose their status or are involved in scandal. Emotion: Stories which arouse strong emotions are newsworthy, and people love to empathise. Magnitude: Things that are perceived as important and of significant magnitude are newsworthy, as are those which have been reported in the past but are of current interest.

Once the main facts are written down it is a good idea to have someone read the article and make comments. This may help to spot grammatical errors and awkward phrases. It can also help to identify any holes in the information, and provide further details about the story.

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