What is News?


The News is information about current events that may affect the lives of people. It includes news about wars, crime, politics, economics, weather and sport. The News also contains entertainment and human interest stories. The News is important to society because it allows people to be informed about what is happening around them. It is also a way for people to keep up with their friends and families.

The classic definition of the word News’ is that it is new, unusual, interesting, significant and about people. A story can have more than one of these elements, but if the story has all five it will be a good piece of news.

For example, a cyclone in a neighbouring country will be a big story because it has all five of these features. A man breaking into a house to steal valuables is newsworthy because it involves people and is unusual. A famous person’s fall from grace makes news because it is interesting and significant. Money is always interesting because it concerns people’s daily lives – bank balances, business fortunes, wages and the Budget make news. People want enough to eat and drink, so food prices, harvest sizes and shortages are newsworthy. People are interested in the environment, so news about pollution, famine and drought will attract attention.

When writing a news article it is important to research the topic thoroughly. It is also helpful to have an editor read your article before it is published. This will ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors and that the information in the story is accurate.

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