What Is News?


‘News’ refers to a report that describes something that happened recently. The term can be applied to events that are extreme or merely surprising.

News items also provide readers with information about events and current affairs. Common topics include health, education, and the economy. There are also entertainment stories, ranging from animals to show business.

News items are a means of communication that can have a positive influence on the public. News items can be used to spread communalism, educate people, and preach nationalism. However, news can also influence the public in negative ways.

According to the Mirror Model, news should reflect reality. News items should be brief, clear, and picturesque. Some news items may be based on the testimony of witnesses.

Other news items may be based on government proclamations. Government proclamations have been considered news since ancient times.

Some stories are selected based on the impact they have on the audience. For example, a news story about a large loss of life can have a larger impact on the audience than a story about a small loss of life.

Other factors affecting the news selection process include audience reaction and the relevance of the story. In the digital age, audiences have more influence than ever on news selection.

Some journalists also select news for its credibility. They make sure that the story is factual and does not have any bias. Some news items may be based on market research.

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