What is News?

News is anything that is new, unusual, interesting or significant. It is usually about people, but can also be about things that happen to people or things that affect them in some way. People are particularly interested in stories that impact them directly or in some way, and in the events and changes that affect society as a whole. The impact may be a direct one, such as the discovery of a new disease or the effect of a cyclone on the country next door. Or it may be an indirect impact, such as the loss of a cultural treasure or the impact of a war.

News can also be about the day to day lives of people, and in particular their need to live. Hence stories about food, water, shelter and clothing are often newsworthy. But they are only of interest if the circumstances are exceptional. A man waking up, eating breakfast and catching the bus to work each day does not make much news; but if he is 90 years old or a former dictator, then that does!

The best news stories are those that make readers say Gee Whiz!’ They have to be brief so that they can be read quickly, clear so that the main points can be understood, picturesquely written so that they will be remembered, and, above all, accurate. This is not easy, but it is the only way that news articles can be useful to their audience.

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