What is Fashion?

Fashion Style: well defined

Clothing is an important part of how we express ourselves and how we interact with others. Your outfit is the first thing that people see of you and it tells them a lot about you. If your clothes make you look good, people are more likely to respect and admire you.

The word ‘fashion’ comes from the French phrase ‘faire le temps’, meaning to change with the seasons. However, fashion can also refer to any way of dressing that is favored at a particular time and place.

Fashion is the social process by which a discernable proportion of a group temporarily adopts a manner or behavior that is perceived to be socially appropriate for that situation. This is referred to as a trend and is often characterized by a number of similar styles.

When used in a positive sense, the word fashion suggests an aesthetic value or a prevailing quality: this year’s fashion in music. Alternatively, it can mean conformance to a particular standard or habit: the Queen Anne style.

Vogue (pronounced ‘vy-goo’) is a term that means ‘to be in the vogue’ or ‘to be trendy’. It is a popular phrase that is credited to British designer Vivienne Westwood, and has been used to refer to the current fashionable trend or style.

Fashion is a social phenomenon in that it requires an audience and consumers who are willing to buy into the new trend or style. There are two primary reasons for this: some consumers use fashion as a way of trying something new and “stepping out of their comfort zone,” while other consumers use fashion to fit in with the social status quo.

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