What is Fashion?


Fashion is a cultural phenomenon that affects all aspects of human life. It can be seen not only in clothing, but also in jewelry, shoes, bags, accessories and even language. Fashion reflects the attitudes and preferences of people in society and is constantly changing.

In the past, clothes were not only a symbol of wealth and social status but also a way to convey political views. For example, a person might wear clothing that showed their support of the monarchy or other governments. Today, fashion is influenced by many factors such as music and movies, television shows, social media, and even celebrities. In fact, a celebrity’s wardrobe can inspire entire looks or even whole seasons of style.

The word fashion is also used as a synonym for trends, styles, and fads. However, in order for something to be considered a trend or fashionable, it must first be widely accepted and embraced by the culture. For example, a new haircut might be considered a fashion trend because it has become very popular and is worn by a lot of people.

Fashions may vary considerably within a society, reflecting changes in social class, generation, occupation, and geography. Throughout history, fashions have often been dictated by foreign influences, as when Europe in the eighteenth or nineteenth century adopted Turkish and Chinese designs in preference to their own. Other times, fashions appear to develop spontaneously. For example, in the 20th century, women wore skirts and dresses with straight silhouettes and long side slits as qipao became the latest thing to do.

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