What is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment is any activity that is designed to delight an audience. This can range from movies and television shows to visual art or sports events. Whatever the form, entertainment must have all the right elements to keep an audience interested. It may be passive or active, and must appeal to the audience’s sense of humor. It is not uncommon to find headlines and television news banners devoted to entertainers, because of their ability to attract large crowds.

Entertaiment includes everything from simple films to elaborate dance performances. While there are many forms of entertainment, it is most commonly associated with entertainment as entertainment that makes the audience happy. Some forms of entertainment are purely recreational, while others are purely commercial. The term is often abbreviated as entmt for short.

Entertainment is the art of presenting an act that makes an audience laugh, cry, or feel entertained. The act may be as simple as watching a movie, or as elaborate as dancing at a nightclub. Regardless of form, it must be well-written and well-received in order to delight an audience. It is also commonly abbreviated as entmt, and is often the subject of news headlines.

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