What Does it Take to Work in the Business Services Industry?

The business services industry offers a wide range of products and services to businesses that do not produce physical goods. These include telecommunications, IT infrastructure, facility management, business consulting, payroll services and more. The industry is undergoing rapid changes with the rise of digitalization and new communication technologies.

According to Drewbie Wilson, an instructor for Break Free Academy, the industry is highly competitive and requires a high level of knowledge and skills. People who work in this field should be able to handle stress well and be comfortable working in fast-paced environments. It is also important to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

In general, the business services sector does not require a specific college degree. However, those who want to advance in this industry should consider obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting or finance. It is also a good idea to obtain certifications such as a CPA or a Certified Financial Analyst.

Successful business services professionals must have a strong understanding of the business context (environment) and how they can deliver value for the customer. They should also have an in-depth understanding of how the services they offer interact with each other and with customers. Additionally, they should be able to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. They should have a good knowledge of the latest technology and best practices in the industry. They should also be able to develop and implement innovative ways to improve the performance of their services.

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