Using Technology to Transform Your Classrooms


The word technology is frequently tossed around in our society. Most people associate it with modern gadgets and machines, but some are less clear on its precise meaning. For example, some think of technology as a type of science, while others equate it with the way human beings manipulate their environment.

Regardless of its definition, it’s clear that any technology must prioritize certain paths to ends and neglect others. This is because technology aims to maximize the efficient use of finite human energy and attention. Technology thus must inherently be purposive, a decision that starts with identifying what problems to address.

This article focuses on technology as it applies to learning. It is important for educators to understand how to implement technology in their classrooms and how to help students understand the benefits and drawbacks of tech.

Whether you’re rolling out a 1:1 program or simply want to improve student engagement, the following tried and true strategies will help your classrooms embrace technology.

Using the right software in your classrooms can help teachers stay on track with curriculum goals, improve student performance and increase their engagement with content. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to get your students engaged or are hoping to transform your classrooms with more immersive virtual experiences, these apps will help you find the best fit for your classrooms.

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