The Importance of Technology in Our Daily Lives


Technology is the application of knowledge in a specific endeavor. It is often a reproducible process and is used in many fields and in our daily lives. Technology can be a process or a product. Regardless of its definition, technology is important in our lives. From the medical field to the arts, technology is used in every industry and can improve our lives in countless ways.

The term technology has its roots in the Indo-European word tek, which probably referred to the art of building wooden houses. It is also related to textile. Greek philosophers originally used the term to refer to the specialized skills of working with wood, but its meaning evolved over the centuries. The word techne soon came to mean ‘artificial things’, and Hippocrates and Aristotle both considered medicine a form of technology.

Technology has altered the course of history and the nature of human society. The invention of agriculture has significantly changed the way people live, and sanitation, preventive medicine, and firearms have helped increase human population. In addition, technology has been responsible for the rise of cities and changed the nature of war. Similarly, the advent of the microprocessor has revolutionized communication, computing, and writing. It is also responsible for the urbanization of the world and the economic interdependence of nations.

Technology helps promote individual learning. Through the use of the internet and various technological tools, students are able to educate themselves and explore new topics. Moreover, many teachers encourage students to conduct personal research on subjects they are interested in. These results can then be shared with their classmates or the entire classroom.

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