The Importance of Technology in Education


Technology is a collection of systems and processes that apply scientific knowledge to solve practical problems faced by human beings. It enables us to make better use of natural resources, develop more advanced products, and connect with people across the globe. Its effects are profound, from changes in agricultural practices that have dramatically altered our food supply; to advances in sanitation and preventive medicine that have radically changed the health of societies; from bows and arrows to gunpowder and nuclear weapons, which have dramatically altered how wars are waged; to the microprocessor that is changing how we write, compute, bank, run businesses, communicate, research and educate ourselves.

The word ‘technology’ is derived from two Greek words: techne, meaning art or skill, and logos, which means the way or mode by which something is gained. Applied technology, therefore, is the application of science to the practical aims of human life.

It is often said that modern technology is highly complex and hard to understand. However, it is possible to gain a basic understanding of how most devices work. This can be done by reading books that offer step-by-step explanations and simple but original graphics. The opening chapters of the book How Technology Works, for example, explain the principles that underpin lots of different devices and then show how they all fit together.

Another big benefit of educational technology is that it allows students to learn in a fun way and keep them interested in class. They can access a lot of valid information from the internet, including websites, tutorial videos, blogs, etc. In addition, VR/AR helps them to understand difficult science concepts and historical places that would be impossible through traditional textbooks.

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