The Effects of Technology on Society


Technology relates to the use of tools and methods of applying knowledge creatively to organised tasks involving people, machines and natural world resources. It also focuses on achieving sustainable goals. Technology can have both negative and positive effects on society.

Early human discoveries in the Stone Age gave rise to technologies such as tools, fire and weapons. These technological developments improved the human environment and solved problems. They also led to societal changes such as the ability to travel, trade and build towns and cities.

In the 1900s scientists made technological inventions such as cellular telephones, digital cameras and personal computers possible. They did this by reducing the size of the parts that make electronic products work from huge chunks to tiny chips. This process is called miniaturisation. Scientists also started to apply technology to living things. For example, electrical devices such as hearing aids and kidney dialysis machines help people with disabilities. Doctors can also put electrical devices in people’s bodies such as pacemakers that keep hearts beating steadily.

Technology helps us save time and improves productivity. For example, using the internet allows you to do research quickly and access information from anywhere at any time. Moreover, using software programs like artificial intelligence and machine learning can simplify decision-making by handling large amounts of data and analysing it for patterns. Similarly, it is easier to manage finances with the help of automated systems such as online banking and money transfer services.

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