The Benefits of Fashion


Fashion is a culture-specific term that describes prevailing styles of clothing and body adornment. In addition, the word fashion can also refer to a set of ideas or ideals, such as what is currently popular in a specific culture, time period, or region. Throughout history, fashion has often been used as a symbol of social status and as an indicator of how closely a person follows the latest trends.

What is considered fashionable changes over time and is usually influenced by a relatively insular and esteemed aesthetic elite. This elite is able to create a unique ‘look’ that is both exclusive and expensive. This look is then shared with the masses through media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, TV shows, YouTube videos, and social networks like Instagram or TikTok. This process of sharing and creating new trends is called ‘fashionability’.

Inner Delight: One of the main benefits of fashion is that it provides us with an inner delight, which makes you bold and active while interacting with people in society. Fashionable people always seem to be a step ahead in the field of socialization as they are self confident and are able to make their own style statements in society.

The other important benefit of fashion is that it makes your personality look beautiful. This is why it is considered a form of beautification and it provides you with a sense of pleasure, which is permanent, just as John Keats said in his poem ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’.

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