The Art of Fashion


Fashion is an art that consists of clothing, footwear, hairstyles, makeup and accessories. It also encompasses a person’s lifestyle and how they spend their time, which is why it is considered a multi-billion dollar industry.

In the past, Fashion was reserved for the rich and affluent; today, it has reached out to the common people who want to be fashionable. It allows them to express themselves and feel confident in their choices.

The key to creating an attractive dress is to strike the right balance between color, fabric texture and body shape of the model. In addition, the accessories that go with it must complement its style and appearance to make the whole outfit look attractive and pleasing on the eye.

This is not a simple rule; it takes a lot of creative thinking and a lot of time to make these fashions work out properly. This is because they have to be symmetrical, have the right proportions and be in harmony with the other elements.

These fashions change from time to time based on trends, periods and occasions as well as the culture of a country. Some of these changes can be a positive thing for the people, while others can be negative.

During the 1920s, short boyish haircuts were very popular and wigs started to be worn in the 1960s. The trend of wearing hats, carrying purses and shoes as well as men wearing long ties and bows also changed from time to time.

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