Religion As a Source of Spirituality


Religion is an important part of the human experience, but it can also be the source of abuse, hypocrisy, and extreme behavior. While large-scale acts of terrorism, such as bombings and racist rallies, detract from the social value of religion, small-scale secret terrorism is also a problem. It includes spousal abuse, threats against non-compliant children, and the incorrect interpretation of sacred texts. Many professional and lay preachers lead a sordid existence behind closed doors.

Despite this, religious groups still make up a significant proportion of the population. In eight countries, attitudes toward religion are positive on balance, while attitudes toward religion are negative in four countries. In addition, the attitudes toward religion are divided in three countries. However, in most countries, less than half of the population says that religion helps them choose right over wrong.

While many religions are different, they all share certain beliefs and practices. Faith is the process of finding meaning and connecting events in one’s life. Through trial and error, a person can come to understand their own truths, and their beliefs are often not limited by what the majority of people believe. Religious people meanwhile learn about their beliefs from the founders of their religions and through parables.

In addition to being a source of spirituality, religion also provides language, context, and community. Religion is a good way to develop as a human being.

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