A relationship is an emotional connection between two people that may include feelings of affection, trust, and love. Relationships can be romantic, platonic, or a combination of both. The word relationship can also be used to describe interactions with non-family members, such as colleagues or classmates.

Strong relationships are marked by a natural reciprocity. This means that each partner genuinely wants to do things for the other, without keeping score or feeling like they “owe” something. This can involve activities such as sharing a hobby, cooking together, or taking turns at hosting game nights. In addition, healthy couples allow each other some time away from the relationship to pursue personal interests or work on individual goals.

Intimate relationships are characterized by physical closeness, emotional attachment, and feelings of romance or love. They can include sexual intimacy, though not everyone in a relationship enjoys or is comfortable with it. Physical intimacy can also involve cuddling, kissing, or spending time together without sex.

Although most relationships will experience some sort of conflict or difficulty from time to time, the goal is to keep these issues at a minimum. When they do arise, the goal is to deal with them in a respectful, constructive manner. This can be accomplished by ensuring that you and your partner are communicating effectively, which is something that most can improve upon with practice. A relationship can be a source of great happiness, as well as provide you with the emotional support and security you need in a world where loneliness can be prevalent.

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