Relationships are a complex subject and may involve a range of emotions. Often they are based on mutual trust and support and can be romantic or platonic in nature. Relationships can be in-person or virtual and include intimate, friendship, and family relationships. They may be long-term or short-term and can be either healthy or unhealthy.

Relational theories of personality suggest that humans are social creatures and form relationships in order to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, warmth, love, and companionship. They also believe that this need for relationship is innate and is influenced by our early experiences in childhood where we learn how to relate to others.

For a relationship to be successful, both parties must commit to it and make a conscious decision to invest their time and energy into it. In addition, both individuals must put their partner’s needs above their own and be willing to compromise at times. If one person is unwilling to do this, then the relationship can quickly become toxic and the negative consequences can be life-long.

In a healthy relationship, both people respect each other’s boundaries and allow for individual freedom without fear of criticism or retaliation. They are also open and honest about their feelings and are not afraid of respectful disagreement. They both understand the value of communication and are not afraid to discuss difficult topics such as sex, finances, and family. They also maintain a meaningful emotional connection and do not neglect other aspects of their lives like friends and hobbies.

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