How to Write Newsworthy Articles


The word news has a simple definition: current information about events and situations. It is delivered through many different mediums – word of mouth, printed material, broadcasting, and electronic communication. The news provides a variety of purposes: it serves as a watchdog, informs citizens and politicians, and entertains and amuses.

It is important to know your audience when writing a news story. This will dictate the tone of the article and what information is included. For example, a story about an insect that is eating crops might be more interesting to farmers than a story about the Roman Catholic Church ordaining women priests. It is also important to be concise when writing a news article. Long tangents and winding sentences can cause readers to lose interest in the story. Instead, try to keep the article focused on the most important details and remove any information that does not impact the final result of the story.

When writing a news article, it is important to keep in mind that it should only report factual information and not include any of the writer’s opinions. If possible, try to get quotes from the people interviewed for the story. This will give the reader a more personal touch to the article and allow them to form their own opinion of the event. Finally, it is important to write above the fold when possible – meaning put the most important information at the top of the article so that readers will be encouraged to continue reading.

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