How to Write Good News


News is information that people want to hear about in newspapers and radio or television.

The best news stories are new, unusual, interesting and significant. They are important and about people.

In some newspapers there is a line called the fold which shows the top stories on the page. This is the area that readers will see first before they look at the rest of the newspaper.

When writing a news article, the headline and lead are crucial to making your story stand out from others on the page. Make sure the headline is a snappy one that informs readers of the topic while seizing their interest.

Headlines should be catchy and to the point, but they should also be a good reflection of the tone of the article. You might have to create several different ones before you find the perfect one for your publication.

Use your headline to grab readers’ attention and then keep them interested by writing a well-written introduction that provides more detail about the main story. Follow the Associated Press style guidelines for your headline unless your publication specifically requires you to use something else.

Other things to consider when writing a news article are the audience, the type of publication, and your voice and tone. Knowing these details will help you write your news article to the best of your ability. It will also help you understand what you should include in the article.

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