How Technology Affects the Global Community


Technology is changing our lives. From the invention of the television to the creation of the internet, new technologies have had tremendous effects on our social and economic life. But, these advances also come with unexpected and unwanted consequences. It is vital to understand the ways that technology affects the global community and to take measures to mitigate those impacts.

To better understand the complexities of technology, it is important to have a broader understanding of its history, its development and its impacts. In order to do so, it is essential to combine information from different fields, including sociology, history, science, economics, political science, and computer science.

One way of assessing the impact of technology on society is to look at the precautionary principle. This principle states that we should not delay enacting protective regulations. However, governments are unable to identify all potential violations. Thus, it is up to people who have diverse expertise to take the lead in predicting, evaluating and mitigating the consequences of technological advancements.

The process of regulating technology involves careful balance of limiting benefits and restricting risks. This can be a complex undertaking. Governments must be trained to understand the implications of their decisions. Technologists, on the other hand, often lack the requisite knowledge and skills to adequately respond to social issues.

Several international organizations have developed processes to develop rules and norms for new technologies. But, government officials have struggled to agree on a common venue for norm-development. As a result, some countries are only just beginning to regulate computer technologies.

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