Defining and Designing Business Services for Success

Business services

Business services are the various tasks and activities that help maintain a company’s operations despite not delivering a tangible product. They are a major part of the economy and cover multiple sectors such as IT services, employee services, management services and many more.

Defining and Designing Business Services for Success

There are a few key techniques that can be used to identify, define and create business services for success. These focus foremost on the service customer and what their needs are. Then they use a series of very powerful techniques to translate those needs and the context in which your services operate into simple measurable requirements.

Then they take into account the needs of everyone involved in the supply and delivery of those services, including sourcing partners. Finally, they look at the costs and benefits of the service to ensure that the business case is met. These steps are repeated for each use case that is created. This approach can be used to create both customer-facing and internal business services. It can also be applied to existing services that are being upgraded. Once the business service is defined, a mechanism to order the service should be put in place and communication channels should be provided so that customers can connect with the enterprise about the service and its policies, guides and news. They can then provide feedback and ask questions if they need to. Lastly, they should be able to transact with the service in an efficient manner using self-service tools.

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