Business Services in SL1

Whether it’s the IT industry that ensures that a company has the technology to support its operations and productivity or the logistics that allow it to ship goods to customers, all of these industries fall under the category of Business services. These are services that do not produce any tangible product, yet are essential to the operations of a business and should be supported with the same diligence as core business activities.

Successful Business Services result in better quality products and outcomes both internally for the organization and externally for its customers. Understanding how to define and design these Services, and how to improve them over time, is the key to building a high-performing and profitable business.

Business Services can be broadly categorized into outsourcing, professional and labor services, shipping, logistics and warehouse services, utility services and property management. However, these categories are not exclusive as a single service may be offered by several different types of providers.

For example, a service like copying and printing can be provided by the library as well as by a printer or photocopying shop. In SL1, you can select one or more services so that they display at the top of the Business Services page by selecting them and clicking ‘Favorites’.

Business services provide an important function to businesses and are an integral part of every industry. They include all the ancillary services that an organisation requires to operate its core business such as transportation, utilities, IT, payroll, insurance, accounting and a host of other services.

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