Business Services

Business services

Business services are actions that help businesses in a way that goods and products can’t. These activities are a huge portion of the commercial world and include everything from marketing and consulting to logistics, waste management and staffing.

The main difference between goods and services is that goods can be stored for future use, but services are delivered only when they are demanded. Business services also require more customer involvement. For example, a customer’s participation at a restaurant can affect how fast the waiter or waitress is. Similarly, an architect’s client’s explanation of the purpose behind their new building can affect the building’s design and construction.

Some common examples of business services are interpreters or translators, who assist people with different languages in seminars and conversations. Tech support workers resolve technical issues that arise in the workplace, keeping employees productive and satisfied with their jobs. Business services can even involve personal services, like gyms or transportation, which improve employee work-life balance.

The New York State Office of General Services established the Business Services Center (BSC) to increase efficiencies and reduce costs by streamlining transactional Human Resources and Finance services that are common across agencies. BSC services are a key component of the Office of General Services’ commitment to provide the best possible service to our customers.

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