The Impact of Technology on Society and Education


Technology is anything that helps us make things faster, better or cheaper. It can include physical products like fast computers and robots, as well as processes that humans use to make things like assembly line production or creating medical vaccines.

Businesses and the economy are also impacted by technology. For example, a 2014 Oxford study found that 47% of jobs could be replaced by automation in the future.

The impact of technology on society is complex and often debated. Some argue that technology contributes to economic development and human prosperity while others claim that it harms the environment or leads to technological unemployment.

Among other social impacts, technology has created an anxiety about how workplaces will change in the future. Workers worry about their jobs being automated and if they will be able to keep them.

In education, technology has changed how students learn and is a key tool for teachers. It allows teachers to communicate more efficiently with their students and create a space for their students to have a voice in their learning.

It also increases the opportunity for meaningful feedback and a variety of quick checks. These can be a great way to gauge how well students are understanding concepts and if they need more instruction on a specific subject.

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